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Premium Crafted Vanilla Extracts

Our vanilla portfolio includes a range of intensities for applications in Dairy, Sweet Goods, Confectionery, Bakery, and Beverages.

Available in Natural and Organic formulas to meet your labeling requirements.

FlavorSum creates vanilla by:

  • Sourcing specially selected Madagascar vanilla beans using sustainable and fair-trade practices
  • Using a dynamic extraction process to gently extract flavor for ideal taste and delivery
  • Completing a final filtration and aging process that produces a mature, rich profile

Shipment sizes range from 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums.

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Call Us: (800) 525-2421 (US) or (905) 825-1613 (Canada)

Why FlavorSum?

National Flavors joined forces with Bonnie & Don Flavours and GSB Flavor Creators and united under a FlavorSum. We provide the solutions, expertise, responsiveness, and infrastructure that growing food and beverage companies need to accelerate success. Part of our mission is making flavor sourcing more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Competitive lead times and hundreds of floor stock products makes us one of the most responsive North American flavor companies. Work with us to create delicious new products while keeping your next launch on schedule!

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